Five Ways of Reducing Energy Used at Home

For the past few years, energy industries have been suppressing customers. As the wires and poles have been improved, energy users have borne these expenses. Electricity bills have gone up to the extent where it has been a major concern to Canadians. Most people stick to big energy providers, forgetting that there are other better deals they can consider. If you fall under this category, it is vital to consider the following ways to mitigate the amount of energy used at home.

Getting Smart

Having a home that has a smart technology might sound costly. But this should not be the case on your end. You may start by purchasing one of the smart thermostats. Such a machine can help you to control the temperature even in your absence. This implies that you will not waste energy on cooling or heating your home.

The best part is that you can connect the thermostat with the internet. With this connection, you can control everything through your smartphone. If you forgot to switch off your air conditioner, you could use your smartphone to turn it off.

Unplugging Appliances That are Not in Use

Appliances such as microwave, smart TVs, washing machines, and computers have what’s called the standby mode. This means that these appliances are still consuming electricity even when you are not using them. You should turn off the lights in the room and turn off these appliances, such as TV, to concentrate on your betting activity. If you are a punter, you can Sign up for Unibet poker offer and enjoy placing bets. This way, your main focus will be on playing poker and not watching TV. So, it would be convenient and easy for you to save energy back at home.

Swapping the Bulbs

In case you are using traditional and outdated bulbs, ensure you swap them right away. In 2020, you need to conserve energy using the best bulbs. When purchasing these new bulbs, it would be best to check if it has an energy label. This basically means that bulbs should meet energy requirements set by producers. Some of the common options that you may see are halogen incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

Although these bulbs are costly, they use little energy that can save you a lot of money at the end of the day. Beyond the light bulb, regulator switches are yet another option that you may consider for your home. They may help you to control the light in the room.

Insulating Your House

In a house with an electric furnace, mitigating loss of energy by insulating the walls might help you to reduce the consumption of electricity during winter. The same thing will apply when the temperature is too high. You can insulate the house to keep it cool. Another perfect strategy for reducing cooled or heated air is to make sure the exterior door possesses the appropriate window panes that are certainly weather tight to avoid drafts.

Minding About the Blinds and Curtains

If you choose to leave your curtains and blinds open during summer, the temperature inside the house may skyrocket. So, the way out is to make the home cool by closing your blinds and curtains during the daytime. But in the winter, ensure you leave your blinds or curtains open to let in the warmth from the sun. If at all you have plans of taking things to the next level, ascertain that you purchase thermal curtains. In case this does not work for you, make sure you consider other affordable and stylish options online or at home stores.


There is nothing as good as saving money in various ways of using energy at home. Of course, there are plenty of ways that you may use to reduce energy. Using techniques such as insulating the house, swapping the bulbs, and unplugging unused machines will never go wrong. So, if you wish to preserve energy and save money, make sure you consider some of these ways, if not all.