The Cowichan Recyclopedia - The A to Z of Zero Waste

Welcome to The Cowichan Recyclopedia, the Cowichan Valley Regional District's new online recycling directory.

The Cowichan Recyclopedia provides easily accessible, online information regarding how to reduce, reuse, and recycle various products and materials. The directory contains a large list of materials, ranging from batteries and small appliances, to plastics and Styrofoam, and provides links to facilities within the region that will accept the particular item for recycling. The directory outlines options that exist for not only recycling materials, but also for how to reuse items, and, better yet, how to reduce their use.

Recycling is one of the 5 easy steps that will help our region get closer to Zero Waste . By working together to make small adjustments to our everyday buying and disposal habits, we can dramatically reduce the amount of material that goes to the landfill, and will save money and protect the environment at the same time!

Learn what options are out there! You might be surprised by how many things can be recycled locally. Join the Zero Waste Challenge and turn to The Cowichan Recyclopedia for some help along the way.

Ever wonder what happens to all the items that you recycle? Check out this short video to see the recycling process in action! 

The CVRD thanks the Capital Regional District for their collaboration and the content sharing from myrecyclopedia that greatly assisted in the development of the Cowichan Recyclopedia.


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