Animal Byproducts

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Animal byproducts were traditionally disposed of by small, local butchers or fishmongers. Animal protein used to be far less readily available for human consumption, and when an animal was killed, all parts were used or refined into tallow, lard or stock. Today, higher protein consumption means that far more animal byproducts are in need of disposal. Rendering plants, like Island Processing in Nanaimo, recycle animal byproducts into grease, animal feed, tallow, and fish oil. Disposal of animal byproducts is the last step in animal production, which can take a toll on both water and land resources.

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Animal byproducts are the parts of an animal or fish not directly consumed by humans, as well as food waste which contains meat products. Animal byproducts do not, in this case, include pets or road kill.

How do I go green?


To lessen your environmental impact, eat less meat, and in particular, less red meat. Choose meat products that have been farm-raised, rather than factory farmed. Choose grass fed beef and animals which are fed without the use of antibiotics and hormones. Choose organic, which means no chemicals have been used during the animal production.


Consider purchasing tallow candles rather than petroleum based candles. Use bones and fat from meat you purchase to make soup stock. Buy only what you need.


Small quantities of animal byproducts (like meat and bones) can be disposed of in household garbage or with curbside organics collection (where available). Larger quantities of animal byproducts may be disposed of at the facilities listed on the right.

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