Six Ways to Reduce Pollution and Save the Environment

There’s so much going on in the world that it distracts us from what’s important. Pollution should be at the top of the list because of the harmful effects it has on the environment and well-being. You may tell yourself that it’s a global problem and you can’t fix it with your hands. However, we all hold a stake in the earth’s well-being. Therefore, any step you take to reduce your carbon footprint has a positive effect on the entire planet. Humans, plants, and animals are all connected by nature’s intricate interdepended network. Here are six ways you can reduce pollution and save the earth in the process.

Conservative Water Usage

Water is life, so even saving a few drops can be a step towards protecting the environment. It’s not that hard, something small like drawing a cup of water when brushing your teeth can save gallons. This water would have otherwise dripped down the drain. Get a leaky faucet fixed as soon as you notice one. Such a measure will save you up to 340 litres of water that would end up down the drain. Consider getting a water bottle with a filter instead of buying plastic bottled water. This will save you a lot of money and translate to less plastic waste in our landfills.

Fly Less Often

The commercial air flight service accounts for a third of all greenhouse emissions. As flights get cheaper and the world is more connected. Instead of flying to exotic casino locations, consider stacking your odds on an online casino app, such as Unibet to reduce your emissions. It’s hard to drive to particular destinations. But you could use trains and buses to get there. This can be beneficial as you’ll see more of the countryside and gain an appreciation for the environment.

Consider Using LED Bulbs

LED light bulbs may lack the ambience created by incandescent light bulbs but last up to 10 times longer. Picture 10 incandescent bulbs would have made it to the landfill before an LED bulb expires. That gives you a clear picture of how something as basic as lighting affects your carbon footprint. Incandescent bulbs are toxic and hard to dispose of since they contain mercury. LED bulbs also consume less energy and last 24,000 hours longer than incandescent alternatives. Therefore, you should replace your old light bulbs today.

Drive Less

Instead of going from errand to errand, consider combining all of them into one car trip. Planning such trips reduces your fuel consumption as well as your greenhouse emissions. This sounds like an obvious win-win situation. It would help if you also considered working remotely or teleworking instead of driving to all your work commitments. Such options are not available in every company, but they could reduce emission levels for all members of staff. Finally, ensure that your vehicle is serviced correctly to improve gas mileage and reduce gas emissions.

Be Energy Conscious

Save on energy costs by making your home more energy-efficient. Old windows account for most of the household heat gain and loss. It would be best if you replaced them with newer heat shielded windows to reduce heating and air conditioning costs. You should also ensure that your insulation is up to code and matched to your air conditioning system. You should replace air filters at least every three months (six if you have allergies).

Use Fewer Plastics

Have you heard of the Atlantic plastic patch? This is a floating island made entirely of plastic, and it’s the size of Texas. That’s more massive than three-quarters of the world’s countries by landmass. This floating island is an example of what our oceans and water masses will become if we fail to reduce our dependence on plastics.